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The Beauty of Planned Giving

We talk a lot at Tufts Medical Center about caring for patients differently - a personalized approach where caregivers listen closely to hear patients' goals for their lives during treatment.  Jane Bullowa, a long-time patient of Kenneth Miller, MD, appreciated this perspective so much that while undergoing treatment for cancer, she made a provision in her estate plan to support the future efforts of Dr. Miller and the Tufts Cancer Center.  A world-traveler, Ms. Bullowa was motivated to not have her disease put a stop to her adventures.  And her cancer care team embraced and encouraged her to continue her travels up until she no longer could.  When her cancer made it impossible for her to leave the Medical Center, Dr. Miller allowed her beloved dog to come for visits.

Ms. Bullowa's sister, Susan Bullowa, and her closest friends recently came together at the Tufts Cancer Center to remember her, and to celebrate her extraordinary generosity for the gift of more than $100,000 that she left upon her passing to support the Leukemia Patient Support and Research Fund.  Ms. Bullowa had specifically asked that a portion of her gift be directed to Dr. Miller's work on cancer-related fatigue to meet her very important personal goal: to help other patients continue to live their lives as fully as possible during treatment for cancer.

Today, Jane Bullowa's legacy at Tufts Medical Center is one that is making a great difference in the life quality of many patients with cancer.


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