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Improving Quality Care

Tufts Medical Center recently received $50,000 from the Oliver S. & Jennie R. Donaldson Trust.  This is the second grant the Donaldson Trust has generously invested in the Tufts Cancer Center's commitment to supportive care programs focused on Cancer Survivorship, Integrated Therapies and Palliative Care.

Prior funding from the Donaldson Charitable Trust, directed at improving assessment and treatment of cancer-related fatigue, led to the establishment of a clinical program of regular fatigue assessment and basic patient and family education with every patient visit.  The Cancer Center successfully implemented an evidence-based approach to manage cancer-related fatigue.  As part of that effort, the Cancer Center initiated an Integrated Therapies program to provide access to acupuncture and massage, at no cost to the patients.  Current funding has supported acupuncture clinics for nine hours per week and therapeutic massage for three hours per week.  Patients seek out these approaches as complimentary, non-medicinal approaches to manage fatigue, chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, anxiety, chemotherapy related nausea and other treatment and disease related symptoms.

A remarkably popular program, over 800 treatments have been given free to patients with overwhelmingly positive response in reducing symptom distress.  The most recent gift from the Donaldson Trust is enabling us to expand our patient support programs in the important areas of integrated therapies, survivorship and supportive care, building on the transformational work offered by the Donaldson Charitable Trust grant.