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The Healing Garden at Tufts Children's Hospital

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014, The Healing Garden at Tufts Children's Hospital opened as a result of the generosity of country music media partner Country 102.5 WKLB.  Attached to Ace's Place Playroom, The Healing Garden provides a beautiful outdoor environment for pediatric patients and their families to get fresh air and sunshine and feel like kids - not just patients.  One of the most special parts of the Garden is a play set modeled after the original Tufts Children's Hospital-Clifford the Ship.  This masterpiece was designed and built by Hawkes and Huberdeau Woodworking.  "We are so proud and humbled to have The Healing Garden named after Country 102.5" said Mike Brophey, program director of WKLB-FM.  "Our logo is on the door.  Funds we helped raise were used to reconstruct and beautify the area for patients and their families to enjoy.  It's a great moment for Greater Media and Country 102.5."  Other donors to The Healing Garden include the John W. Alden Trust, Ace Bailey Children's Foundation and the Mary Jo Brown Smile Fund.  Together these supporters have made a tremendous difference for Tufts Children's Hospital and their families.