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Run the 2019 Boston Marathon with Team Tufts MC


Skyler Stewart ran the Boston Marathon with Team Tufts MC because of the lifesaving care her father received at Tufts MC. Why will you run?


"When I was 5 years old, my dad was diagnosed with a kidney disease called focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). Medications kept him stable for about 8 years, until his kidney function started to decline. That's when he was referred to Tufts MC.

He was fortunate enough to receive his first kidney transplant from a living relative (his brother), in May 2009. I was just 14 and the most comforting part of this process was how well the doctors were able to explain what was happening to my family, even at a level I could understand at the time. While the surgery was originally a success, complications and setbacks developed, and we ultimately found out the disease had found the new kidney.

For the next transplant, a Nephrologist from Tufts MC suggested a non-related living donor would be the best chance of a successful, long-term donation. With an incredible amount of generosity and luck, another match was found within my extended family. 

In November 2015, my dad received his second kidney transplant. The disease has not returned to the new kidney, and he is now thriving. He loves to play baseball, and to come to my races and watch me run. 

My family and I owe so much to Tufts Medical Center for all the work they did, the care they gave and for the research that allowed them to put together a successful plan for my dad. That’s why on April 16, 2018 I will run the Boston Marathon as part of Tufts MC’s team, raising money to help other families affected by chronic illness. It’s my way of giving back and saying “thank you” for saving my dad’s life."


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