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Reproductive health resources for all stages of a woman’s life


When women are faced with reproductive health choices at various stages of their lives, Tufts Medical Center’s Family Planning Program provides support, guidance and clinical expertise to facilitate these choices in an intimate, caring and respectful environment. It is one of the few programs of its kind in the entire state.

Care for your needs

“We provide complex contraception, such as the latest long-acting implants and IUDs, and we work with patients with complex medical histories,” says Program Director Danielle Roncari, MD, MPH, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who is fellowship-trained in family planning. She is assisted by Stephanie Delory, RN, a highly experienced nurse whom Roncari describes as “fabulous, and great at counseling patients who are trying to make what are sometimes difficult decisions.”

For women who feel their families are complete, minimally invasive sterilization options are available, including Essure®, a permanent, non-surgical transcervical sterilization procedure for women. A dedicated in-office procedure room eliminates the need for the OR in these cases. Laparoscopic tubal ligations, performed in the OR, also are available. 

In addition, Dr. Roncari’s program provides first- and second-trimester medical and surgical pregnancy termination for all indications.

“A woman can undergo testing throughout what appears to be a normal pregnancy, then the anatomic ultrasound performed at 19 weeks reveals an anomaly,” she says, citing one example of when a second-trimester termination may be considered. “Generally, these procedures are hard to come by in Massachusetts, but we do provide them in a safe, non-judgmental setting.”

Dr. Roncari also provides treatment for miscarriage or fetal death. For the latter, the program can help women who want surgical management instead of inducing labor.

Multidisciplinary team

One of the distinguishing aspects of the Family Planning program is its close collaboration with Tufts Medical Center’s Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics divisions.

“Women who are diagnosed with fetal anomalies can access high-risk obstetrics specialists  as well as comprehensive genetics counseling and guidance for planning  for future pregnancies through our program, all in one convenient area,” she says.

“We really do provide a high level of specialty care and a service that’s very intimate,” Dr. Roncari adds. “We’re easy to talk to and refer to, and we not only have a lot of experience in providing care but also counseling women about this care with understanding and compassion.”