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Floating Hospital launches a new wellness program for families


There’s an old saying that goes: “the families that eat together, stay together.” The same can be said about the families that eat healthy together—they stay healthy together. That’s the thinking behind our new Healthier Together wellness program starting in early 2016.

As a collaboration between the Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center and the Center for Youth Wellness at Floating Hospital for Children, Healthier Together is designed to empower families to make healthy changes. The 11-week program offers hands-on, fun learning that a par­ent and child (11-18) can do together.

“The best way for kids to learn is to see their parents doing healthy things,” explains Michael Leidig, Clinical Direc­tor at the Center for Youth Wellness. “The child that sees their parent taking a walk or eating more fruits and vegeta­bles instead of watching TV or on their phone will learn through modeling the healthy behavior.”

Healthier Together is the only aca­demic medicine-based family nutrition and fitness program in Boston. The curriculum is centered around three goals: learning more about nutrition, being more physically active and lead­ing a healthier lifestyle.

To achieve these goals, program participants will work with a range of health experts over the 11 weeks: dieti­tian, psychologist, personal trainer and professionals in adolescent and adult medicine. Healthier Together provides both a dynamic group setting with other families plus one-on-one meet­ings with our wellness specialists.

This new program brings a parent and child together in a truly unique way to make healthier food choices, get more active and learn within a sup­portive, judgment-free environment. All to create positive change for the whole family.

There is no referral needed, how­ever it’s always a good idea to talk with your physician before starting any exercise program. To be eligible, both parent and child must be overweight.

To learn more about Healthier Together and schedule an appoint­ment, visit or call 617-636-6086.