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Successful blood drive

A volunteer having blood drawn to be donated.When the urgent request for blood donations came in, Sandra Hayes, RN, Pediatric Pulmonology, was one of the first to sign up. She’s a regular donor, and the coronavirus was not going to stand in her way. “It felt like a small thing I could do,” she said.  

Like most Boston hotels, the Four Seasons Hotel is quiet, but today the donation site in the ballroom on the second floor was bustling with activity. 

“The turnout has been phenomenal. We’re booked to capacity, including many first time donors” said Bob Mansfield, Red Cross Recruitment Services. “These drives are really essential for keeping up the supply of blood and platelets, especially platelets because they have a shelf life of only about five or six days.”

The Red Cross has stepped up precautions to protect donors, employees and volunteers. Everyone must wear a mask and each donor’s temperature is taken before the rest of the screening begins. Once inside, screening areas are placed well apart, as are the beds where blood is drawn. 

Three woman volunteers at the Blood Drive“The Red Cross has been very thoughtful about the entire process from the moment donors enter the space, right through the recovery area,” said Rebecca Schmitt, Director of Psychiatric Services who was there as a volunteer with fellow Department of Psychiatry colleagues Jessica Stenman, Intake Admissions Coordinator and Malinda King, Administrative Coordinator. 

“We do our part from home, but for us to be able to come out, even for a little bit to do our part here, is just that much more meaningful,” said Rebecca.

Another bright spot – Rebecca learned that the Red Cross received a call from the Boston Park Plaza asking if the hotel could also join the effort. They’re now working with the Red Cross to provide more capacity for blood donation.

Thank you to the Four Seasons and the Red Cross for sponsoring these great events!