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MBTA replacing elevators at Tufts Medical Center Station


Alert icon.The MBTA has announced a station improvement project for customers of the Orange Line that involves replacing all elevators and an electrical unit substation at Tufts Medical Center Station. 

When will the elevators be out of service?

Beginning on Monday, October 16, through approximately June 30, 2018, all three elevators at the Tufts Medical Center station will be out service as part of the project and bus shuttles will be available for customers needing to board the Orange Line but unable to use stairs or escalators.

Why are the elevators being replaced and why will it take 7 months?

The three elevators at the Tufts Medical Center Station were installed in 1987 and are in need of complete replacement by the MBTA. During this seven-month period in which elevator service will be temporarily unavailable, new elevator cabs, hydraulic equipment, and electrical services equipment will be installed. Additionally, the thirty-year-old electrical unit substation at Tufts will also be replaced.  When operational, the new elevators will be more reliable with brand new machinery and control systems. The total cost of the Tufts Medical Center Elevator Replacement Project is nearly $7.8 million.

How can I get to Tufts Medical Center if I require elevator service? 

For customers seeking elevator service in order to board the Orange Line at Tufts Medical Center during this outage, the MBTA will provide shuttle bus service from the Washington Street entrance of Tufts Medical Center to Back Bay Station where elevators are operational.

Customers seeking elevator service in order to disembark at Tufts Medical Center should instead disembark at Back Bay and board shuttle bus service to Tufts MC. Customers can also use the Silver Line to Chinatown and Temple Place for connections to the Red and Orange Lines. The Silver Line also connects to Boylston Station for access to the Green Line. 

The existing bus routes 11 and 15 will continue to service Washington Street while Tufts Medical
Center station elevators are out of service.

Map of the Back Bay to Tufts Medical Center bus route during the MBTA station elevator construction from October 16, 2017 to May 2018.
Download the MBTA shuttle map >

For more information, please visit T-Alerts or the Tufts Medical Center Elevator Replacement Project webpage.

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