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Five ways to keep your family active this fall


Carmen Lai is a physical therapist at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA.As the summer ends and the temperature begins to drop, it’s tempting to retreat indoors and opt for a movie with your kids instead of playing a game of ball outside. We spoke with Carmen Lai, PT, DPT, OCS, a physical therapist at Tufts Medical Center, about fun activities families can do to ensure they stay healthy and active this fall.

Here are five easy ways to incorporate fitness into your family’s schedule:

  1. Plan for a leisurely walk after each family dinner, and save time on the weekends for hikes and bike riding through the fall foliage.
  2. Find an on demand yoga fitness class on television to put on at night.
  3. If you’re all watching a show you just can’t turn off, hold a plank or sit-up challenge during commercial breaks.
  4. Jumping rope – all you need is a jump rope!
  5. Organize a family stair challenge – whoever climbs the most flights by the end of the week gets to choose the next restaurant you go to.