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Happy day-after-Halloween!

Candy is delicious in moderation but we all know it can linger around the house to tempt you for days and weeks to come. 

“Halloween is such an exciting day for most children, usually they count down the days to wear their costumes and collect candy,” notes Pediatrician, Lynne Karlson, MD.  “For the most part, it’s fine to collect trick-or-treat candy and have a few pieces in moderation. However, we also understand it can be a bit too much to have in your house post holiday.”

Here are some ideas for freeing yourself of the candy that may be overflowing in your house:

Sell to a local dentist

Check with one of your town’s elementary schools to find out if a local dentist is participating in a candy buy-back program.  Many dentists will pay a certain amount of money for the candy and then ship it overseas to troops for the holidays.

Drop off at Local Police and Fire Departments

Give back to those working hard to keep your community safe. Share a few of your Halloween candies to say thank you.

Introduce "the Switch Witch"

Many families will allow children to keep a small portion of candy for themselves and then trade in the rest for a small toy brought by the all-knowing Halloween character “The Switch Witch” – these gifts can be small but the ability to avoid hearing “just one more piece!” is huge.


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