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Trick-or-treating tips


To ensure a fun evening for all this Halloween season, Debbie Lyn Toomey, RN, Injury Prevention Coordinator at Tufts Medical Center, has some safety reminders for parents of young trick-or-treaters.

family trick or treating halloween

  1. Be sure you know who your child is going trick or treating with and instruct your child to always stay with the group.

  2. Have your child carry a flashlight.

  3. Set a curfew for your child if Halloween in on a school night.

  4. While driving, be extra watchful for trick-or-treaters who maybe crossing the streets.

  5. Teach your child never to go inside a stranger's home for treat or accept a ride home.

  6. Whenever possible, replace real candles for decorations with fake ones to reduce the risk of accidental fires.

  7. Encourage your child to wear a comfortable costume that doesn't trail behind to avoid accidental tripping or getting caught on stair rails. If the costumes include any toy weapons, be sure they are soft to lessen the chance of injury.

  8. Have you child carry a cell phone even if they are with you, just in case you get separated.

  9. Whenever possible, go trick or treating with your child.

  10. Never eat homemade treats from strangers.

  11. If you child has food allergies, remind them to have you inspect their treats before eating them.

  12. Do not enter any cars for treats.


We at Tufts Medicine wish you and yours a happy, fun and safe Halloween.