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Inactivity due to COVID-19 could lead to injury in athletes

As the social distancing restrictions are gradually lessening, the world as we know it will start resuming its sport activities. While this is great news for many eager young athletes, there is a concern of injuries from lack of organized practice and team sports during the COVID-19 pandemic. Debbie Lyn Toomey, MSN, RN Injury Prevention Coordinator at Tufts Medical Center shares tips for how to get back to an active lifestyle.

Inactivity can lead to unintended injuries, according to Orthopedics Today (2021). A great way to ease back into your sports is to starting a pre-preseason workout at home. Here are ways you can get started. 

  1. Create a schedule of days you want to start your at-home work-out. Build on your routine gradually. 
  2. Add stretching and yoga exercises that can help you with your warm-up and cool-down. Professional athletes do this.
  3. Go outside and fast walk or jog. Be sure to hydrate well on hot days.
  4. Ask your coach for tips and ideas on the best exercises that can help you get back to your former fitness shape before you officially start your workout with your team. 
  5. Have fun!

We at Tufts Medical wants you to stay fit and strong. Your pre-preseason at-home exercise routine may just be a game-changer for you this season.