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Skyrocket to safety

Silhouette of individuals watching a fireworks show

Fireworks are used as a display of patriotism around Independence Day but if they aren't used properly and with precaution they can be very dangerous.

In 2017, the Consumer Product Safety Comission (CPSC) estimated that hospital emergency rooms treat about 12,900 people for firework related injuries, with 67% of the injuries occurring between June 16th and July 16th. Though the use, possession, and selling of fireworks is illegal in Massachusetts, the exposure to the possibility of injury still exists.

We asked Tufts Medical Center Injury Prevention Coordinator, Debbie Tommey for suggested precautions for the summer months.

Firework safety:

  1. Children should never play with fireworks. Products such as sparklers may be attractive to little ones, but can quickly reach temperatures hot enough to melt gold.

  2. Fireworks should never be used by an individual under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  3. Both children and adults should be kept at distance when fireworks are in use to help avoid injury in the case of a misfire.

  4. Fireworks are highly flammable and should always be done outside with a bucket of water or hose nearby.

  5. Be aware of falling debris near brush or other houses to prevent unintentional fires.

  6. Be mindful of your pets! Animals have a higher sensitivity to loud noises and can become frightened and stressed more easily.

  7. If you do choose to handle fireworks, take precaution. Do not hold the firework in your hand or close to your body when lighting, and only light one firework at a time. Wear protective eyewear, and maintain as much distance from the lighting area as possible.

  8. Before using fireworks, make sure they are permitted in your state or local area.