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Dr. Patrick Catalano Receives Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy Visiting Researcher Grant


Patrick Catalano with no white jacket.Dr. Patrick Catalano, Vice Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology Research and a Principal Investigator at the Mother Infant Research Institute, has been named one of 17 recipients of a grant from the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA).  As one of three Senior Researchers selected for a Visiting Professorship in a highly competitive process, Dr. Catalano will spend a total of 5-6 months in Denmark broken into 1-2 month blocks, primarily in Aarhus but some of the time Copenhagen and Odense, where the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Society is located.

He will collaborate with Danish colleagues on diabetes and obesity in pregnancy.  The specific project named in the grant was "Causes and CONseQUEnces of Metabolic DeRangement in Pregnancy - CONQUER," and the PI is Dr. Ulla Kampmann-Opstrup of the Dept. of Endocrinology in Aarhus University.

These grants include salary costs, travel and accommodation expenses for international senior researchers within diabetes, metabolism or other endocrinology fields who visit Danish research groups. 
With the Visiting Researcher Grants, the DDEA aims to stimulate collaborations between Danish and international research groups and attract international experts to Denmark. Applications can be in any research field within diabetes, metabolism or endocrinology.

The funded projects establish strong collaborations across leading universities, research academies, hospitals and the life sciences industry. They cover a wide area from basic research that may lead to future interventions to biomarkers that can predict the healing of specific disorders.

Dr. Catalano's research focus area is maternal metabolism in women whose pregnancies are complicated by diabetes and obesity, and the short and long-term effects on mothers and their children.  Read more about his research here.