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Meet Bob

Bob with a patientBob has had a paw-some start to his career at Tufts Medical Center.

Funded through a grant from the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, Bob is the Medical Center's first full-time, in-residence pet therapy dog. Bob, a four-year-old Goldendoodle, is specially trained to provide comfort and ease anxiety and stress in a hospital setting for our patients, families and employees.

His first day was Aug. 17, 2020 and he was welcomed to the community with a small celebration outside the main entrance of Tufts Medical Center. The introduction was right in time for National Dog Day.

We met with Bob and asked him to share a bit about his journey to Boston with us. 

Puppy BobWhere are you from? 

I was born in Georgie and lived there for 2 years until my mom and auntie brought me to Boston. 

How did you get your name? 

I am named after Bob the Minion. All of my siblings are named after characters from Despicable Me. Their names are Carl, Dave, Steve, Agnes, Edith and Margo.  

How long does it take to become a service dog? 

I completed over 2,000 hours of training- talk about hard work! It was very fun to learn new tricks to help others. 

How do you unwind after a busy day at the hospital? 

I like to take naps with my favorite unicorn toy but I always have to get the zoomies out first. My favorite spots are the park across the street or at the outdoor garden attached to Ace’s Place.

If you happen to be on campus and see Bob around the Medical Center, don't be afraid to say hello! He loves to be scratched behind his ears. 

You can follow Bob on Instagram @bobthedogtuftschildrens