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Trick-or-treat safety for Halloween in 2021



kids trick or treatingHalloween trick-or-treating is back on this year in many communities after taking a pandemic pause in 2020. Still, parents may have questions about the COVID-19 risks associated with this taking part in this activity.

Tufts Medical Center Hospital Epidemiologist and Infectious Disease Physician Shira Doron, MD has these top seven Halloween safety tips to make this a fun and low-risk holiday.


  1. Kids & adults should get vaccinated, if eligible
  2. When it comes to transmission of COVID-19, outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities. You don’t even need a mask if you are outside (unless it’s for your costume!)
  3. To make indoor activities safer, wear a good quality mask that fits and filters well
  4. Some people are more vulnerable to complications of COVID-19 than others, and might not want to hand out candy… skip the houses with the lights off while trick-or-treating
  5.  As fun as Halloween is, everyone should stay home if they are sick
  6. Never put a mask of any kind on a child younger than 2 years of age
  7. Bobbing for apples using a single tub of water for multiple people was never a good idea… but is especially unwise given the COVID-19 pandemic