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Two surgeries may not be better than one


Many women who receive a breast cancer diagnosis have to undergo two surgeries, one for tumor removal and one for reconstruction. But with Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee’s expertise, one surgery is better than two. As a certified breast surgical oncologist, Chatterjee is putting patients first by limiting their number of surgeries and preserving more of their breasts.

Pat Palonen, after receiving her heart breaking diagnosis, found Dr. Chatterjee at Tufts Medical Center and together decided this approach was a perfect fit for her. 

“Oncoplastic surgery allows the woman to preserve her breasts,” said Dr. Chatterjee. “It’s taking a large section of tissue from her breast that has the breast cancer and then rearranging the breast tissue that is left behind in a form of a breast lift,” he added.

Using this technique, one surgery can prove to be just as beneficial because Dr. Chatterjee is more likely to remove the cancer than with a standard lumpectomy.

While oncoplastic surgery is becoming more common, under 20 doctors nationwide have this expertise.

Watch Pat Palonen and Dr. Chatterjee’s story featured on WB-Z.