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5 Tips for Making Healthier Burgers at Home


A drawing of a hamburger for Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.Craving a hamburger, but want a healthier alternative? Try making one at home using these five tips provided by dietitians in our Weight and Wellness Center

  1. Use extra lean ground beef, turkey or chicken (93% or higher) to reduce fat content. Ground bison also contains less fat and has a nice meaty taste.
  2. Replace the white bun for a whole wheat bun. This will provide extra fiber and complex carbohydrates to keep you fuller longer.
  3. Use light or low-fat mayonnaise or sauces.
  4. Replace bacon with smoky grilled onions or peppers to reduce fat and increase fiber.
  5. Instead of pairing a burger with French fries (more high fat, high salt carbohydrates), choose a salad with light dressing.

If you're in search of a good recipe, here are some suggestions: