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Stand by me: More than a century of loyal dedication


Over the past 102 years, our society has experienced two World Wars, put a man on the moon, revolutionized transportation, seen the invention of tablet computers, smart phones and HD TVs and marveled at countless groundbreaking scientific discoveries that have revolutionized modern medicine. 

A lot has happened since 1912. So when you consider that the combined continuous service time logged at Tufts Medical Center by sisters Christine Buckley, Diane Harber and Stella Mann is equal to the time elapsed between when the Titanic sank and the present day, it really puts things in perspective.

Buckley, the Business Operations Manager for the Department of Surgery, began working at Tufts MC in 1976. Harber, a Cardiac Sonographer, began her tenure here three years later. And Mann, the Surgical Booker for the OR, came on board in 1985. Together, the three sisters have worked at Tufts MC for 38, 35 and 29 years, respectively – a total of 102 years of dedicated service.

“I tell people I was dropped off at the front door in diapers,” said Buckley. “I truly love my job and this Medical Center. I consider it almost my first home. I grew up here and have learned so much here. And whenever the three of us need support, we can just pick up the phone and be completely ourselves. We are not just sisters – we are best friends.”

“We’ve seen so many changes and innovations in medicine and patient care,” said Harber. “We’ve been through the good times and the tough times together over the years. It’s wonderful to be able to share all these experiences and memories with my sisters.”

The sisters’ connection to Tufts MC runs even deeper than their century-long tenure. Their mother worked in the Environmental Services Department for more than two decades and helped all three sisters get their first jobs; their father was employed in the same department for several years in the 1950s; two other sisters had summer jobs at Tufts MC during their college years; Buckley’s daughter, Harber’s son and Mann’s son and daughter all worked at Tufts MC during various high school and college summers; and Mann’s daughter Nicole was hired full-time last September as a practice coordinator in the Department of Orthopaedics.

“My colleagues always joke that I worked on the Tufts Children's Hospital ship when it was still sailing in Boston Harbor,” said Mann. “But I’m so proud of the loyalty we have shown to the Medical Center. Our family has always been treated like family here. That really means something to us.”