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FairWarning—Enhancing a Culture of Privacy


The Compliance and Privacy Department introduced a new proactive privacy monitoring solution called FairWarning® to ensure the only people who are looking at a medical record are those who need the information to do their job. The new technology enhances our culture of privacy and security.

Our patients always come first and we have a responsibility to protect their information. Employees who are patients, or who want to become patients, have the same right to privacy of their medical records. Measures such as FairWarning protect privacy and give all patients the confidence to seek care early and share their most sensitive information, leading to better outcomes.

FairWarning® allows our Medical Center to take faster action to protect our patients’ privacy. The system sends our Compliance Officer automatic alerts if it detects suspicious activity within our systems. By protecting our patients’ privacy, we give them confidence in their choice of care providers. We send the message that we take privacy seriously and patients (including our own staff members) can feel good about sharing sensitive health information without fearing someone will compromise confidential records.

FairWarning® Key Takeaways:

  • Access a medical record ONLY if you need the information to do your job. This includes your medical record and those of your family and friends.
  • Access the least amount of information you need to do your job.
  • If you’re not authorized to access medical information, FairWarning will send an alert to our Compliance Officer, triggering an investigation. According to our policy, the consequence of unauthorized access ranges from counseling to termination or prosecution.