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MetroWest Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center announce partnership


FRAMINGHAM, MA – Andrei Soran, CEO of MetroWest Medical Center, and Ellen Zane, President and CEO of Tufts Medical Center, have announced a new MetroWest Medical Center affiliation with Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center.

“MetroWest Medical Center and our pediatricians are excited about this opportunity to provide comprehensive pediatric services, as we recognize the need to keep specialized care close by in the community,” says Soran. “MetroWest Medical Center has long had a commitment to the health of the people of all ages in our community.”

“Floating Hospital for Children has a long history of providing expert pediatric care where it is needed most, making it convenient for families,” says Ellen Zane, CEO of Tufts Medical Center. “Our physicians and nurses first began caring for patients on a ship in the Boston Harbor. It is only fitting now that we work with excellent community hospitals like MetroWest to ensure that families have the resources they need close to home. We have enjoyed working closely with a number of pediatricians in the MetroWest community to help develop the programs we will partner on, and our specialists look forward to continuing to work with local pediatricians to meet the needs of the children of the MetroWest region.

Floating Hospital and MetroWest will partner together to provide inpatient and outpatient specialty pediatric services in Framingham. The services will be added over the next several months, with the majority of services in place by July 2009.

The comprehensive care provided by Floating Hospital for Children specialists will include:

  • Inpatient Pediatric Care. Floating inpatient specialists/hospitalists, coordinating with MetroWest Medical Center pediatricians, will oversee the care of patients on Framingham Union’s pediatric unit. Having pediatric attending physicians on this unit 24 hours/7 days a week will allow many children to receive inpatient care at Framingham Union, close to family and friends. When a child’s condition necessitates, he/she can be transferred immediately to Floating Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or other inpatient unit.
  • Inpatient Neonatal Care. Floating Hospital Neonatologists will
    oversee the care of babies in MetroWest’s special care nursery unit. Floating Hospital neonatalologists are well-known throughout Massachusetts for the advanced care they provide in the special care nurseries of a number of community hospitals.
  • Increase in Outpatient Specialists. A significant increase of pediatric specialists will become available to pediatricians and patients right here in the community. Floating Hospital specialists will be available to see children for office visits at the medical office building at 475 Franklin Street, Framingham. The exact specialties available at this office are being determined; possible offerings include gastroenterology, endocrinology, nephrology, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, neurology, pulmonology and allergy, rheumatology and genetics and metabolism. The first specialists will begin seeing new patients in the spring.
  • Access to Floating Hospital’s outstanding Boston pediatric facility and physicians if needed.

The high level of pediatric care in the Framingham Union Hospital emergency department will continue.

“No parent wants to travel far when their child is sick or regularly needs to see a specialist,” says John Schreiber, MD, Pediatrician-in-Chief and Chief Administrative Officer of Floating Hospital. “The specialists at Floating Hospital for Children look forward to being there for these families and working with the pediatricians of the MetroWest region.” 

“The collaboration with Floating Hospital for Children will significantly expand the scope of services for children available at MetroWest Medical Center,” says Jerry Wortzman, MD, Chairman of Pediatrics at MetroWest. “Floating has a long and distinguished history of excellence in patient care, medical education, and research, and we are all excited and energized by the enhancement of service to our community that this partnership represents.”


About Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children

Tufts Medical Center is an exceptional, not-for-profit, 415-bed academic medical center that is home to both a full-service hospital for adults and Floating Hospital for Children. Conveniently located in downtown Boston, the Medical Center is the principal teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine. Floating Hospital for Children is the full-service children's hospital of Tufts Medical Center and the principal pediatric teaching hospital of Tufts University School of Medicine. Tufts Medical Center is affiliated with the New England Quality Care Alliance, a network of more than 1,800 physicians throughout Eastern Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

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