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Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children 2012 Boston Magazine “Top Doctors”


Boston magazine has recognized 84 Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children physicians in 45 different specialties as 2012 “Top Doctors.” This prestigious honor is a real validation of the talents of Tufts MC and Floating Hospital's highly-skilled doctors, the depth and breadth of the clinical services they offer and the top-notch care they provide to their patients. 

Our 2012 Boston Magazine “Top Doctors”

Adolescent Medicine
John W. Kulig, MD, MPH

Cardiac Electrophysiology
N.A. Mark Estes, MD
Munther K. Homoud, MD
Mark S. Link, MD

Cardiovascular Disease
David DeNofrio, MD
Marvin A. Konstam, MD
Jeffrey T. Kuvin, MD
Deeb Salem, MD
James E. Udelson, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
John Sargent III, MD

Child Neurology
David A. Griesemer, MD

Clinical Genetics

Diana Bianchi, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery
Bruce A. Orkin, MD

Alice B. Gottlieb, MD, PhD
Jeffrey M. Sobell, MD

Diagnostic Radiology
Mark S. Bankoff, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Ronald M. Lechan, MD, PhD
Richard D. Siegel, MD

Moises Guelrud, MD
Joel B. Mason, MD
Joel V. Weinstock, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Richard M. Dupee, MD, FACP, AGSF

Gynecologic Oncology
Young Kim, MD

Hand Surgery
Charles Cassidy, MD

Raymond Comenzo, MD
Kenneth B. Miller, MD
Kellie A. Sprague, MD

Infectious Disease

Helen W. Boucher, MD, FACP
David R. Snydman, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
Brian J. Cohen, MD
Richard I. Kopelman, MD
Michael Wagner, MD, FACP

Interventional Cardiology
Carey Kimmelstiel, MD
Andrew R. Weintraub, MD

Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Sabrina D. Craigo, MD
Errol R. Norwitz, MD

Medical Oncology
John K. Erban III, MD
Paul Mathew, MD
Gary M. Strauss, MD, MPH

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Jonathan M. Davis, MD

Andrew S. Levey, MD
Klemens B. Meyer, MD
Ronald Perrone, MD
Mark Sarnak, MD, MS

Neurological Surgery
Carl B. Heilman, MD
Julian K. Wu, MD

Jeffrey Chavin, MD
Edward Feldmann, MD, FAHA
Lynne P. Taylor, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Andrea L. Zuckerman, MD

Jay S. Duker, MD
Thomas R. Hedges, MD
Katrinka L. Heher, MD
Mitchell Strominger, MD

Elie E. Rebeiz, MD
Richard O. Wein, MD, FACS

Pediatric Cardiology
Michael de Moor, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

Abdollah Sadeghi-Nejad, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology
Alex F. Flores, MD

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Johannes Wolff, MD

Pediatric Infectious Disease
H. Cody Meissner, MD

Pediatric Nephrology
Lawrence S. Milner, MD

Pediatric Surgery
Walter J. Chwals, MD, FACS, FAAP, FCCM

Karen J. Miller, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Rina M. Bloch, MD
Harry C. Webster, MD, FAAP

Plastic Surgery
Daniel N. Driscoll, MD, FACS

David A. Adler, MD
Paul Summergrad, MD

Pulmonary Disease
Erik Garpestad, MD
Nicholas S. Hill, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology
John E. Buster, MD

Robert Kalish, MD
Timothy E. McAlindon, MD, MPH

Jeffrey T. Cooper, MD
Martin D. Goodman, MD
Richard J. Rohrer, MD

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery
Laurence H. Brinckerhoff, MD
Hassan Rastegar, MD
Kenneth G. Warner, MD

Vascular & Interventional Radiology
Neil J. Halin, DO, FSCVIR

Vascular Surgery
James Mark Estes, MD
Mark D. Iafrati, MD
William C. Mackey, MD


About Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children

Tufts Medical Center is an exceptional, not-for-profit, 415-bed academic medical center that is home to both a full-service hospital for adults and Floating Hospital for Children. Conveniently located in downtown Boston, the Medical Center is the principal teaching hospital for Tufts University School of Medicine. Floating Hospital for Children is the full-service children's hospital of Tufts Medical Center and the principal pediatric teaching hospital of Tufts University School of Medicine. Tufts Medical Center is affiliated with the New England Quality Care Alliance, a network of more than 1,800 physicians throughout Eastern Massachusetts. For more information, please visit