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Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital launch ER check-in application


Patients with non-life-threatening injuries can check in online, view treatment time and updates 

BOSTON – (July 10, 2015) - Patients looking to visit Tufts Medical Center’s emergency room with non-life-threatening medical conditions now have the ability to check in and wait for their appointments from the comfort of their homes, through an app created by InQuickER.

The app allows patients to view their projected treatment time and be promptly seen by a health care professional upon arriving at Tufts Medical Center.

“The emergency care we provide is top of the line, and now we can offer our patients the access and convenience to match our care,” said Brien Barnewolt, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine. “With modern technology, there is no reason for someone suffering an urgent but non-life-threatening injury to have to wait hours in an ER waiting room for their care.”

Users of the check-in tool experience the same overall wait time as patients waiting in the emergency room, but benefit from the comfort and convenience of being at home. These patients are seen within 15 minutes of their projected treatment time, with health professionals often waiting for them when they arrive. In the event of a delay, app users are sent real-time notifications via phone and e-mail so that they can continue their wait at home.

“At Tufts Medical Center, we strive for the highest possible level of quality and comfort, and that starts well before patients enter the ER,” said Janice Maloof-Tomaso, RN, Clinical Nursing Director of the Emergency Department. “Our partnership with InQuickER is part of an ongoing commitment to continuously enhance the patient experience.” 

The check-in tool is designed to filter certain symptom keywords that may indicate a life-threatening or debilitating medical condition. Those indicating such medical conditions are prompted to dial 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Patients doubting the severity of their condition should always seek immediate care.

In its first month, the Emergency Department has seen an extremely strong response to the new app. No fewer than 75 patients have used the check-in tool to book an appointment and a 95 percent of those patients indicated they would recommend Tufts Medical Center and the new app, following their visit.

To access the app to book an appointment in the Tufts MC Emergency Department, patients can visit


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