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Water Main Break Kneeland and Washington - Plan travel carefully


Update: 6:30am on 12/1

Traffic restrictions on Kneeland St. this morning while crews continue to work on repairing the water main break from 11/30. Patients going to 35 Kneeland for dialysis should use Monsignor Shea St. access next to the building.


Update: 3:30pm on 11/30

At this time, the only streets that remain closed for continued cleanup and repair efforts are:

  1. Kneeland westbound between Washington and Harrison
  2. Washington northbound from Kneeland to Essex.

The reopened streets make accessing our campus much easier and will help ease the evening commute, although you should still be prepared for congested traffic in and around Chinatown and Downtown Crossing.

The Silver Line is running but may not stop on Washington Street; the website shows it is still being detoured. The Orange Line is running its usual schedule. Please check for the latest commuting information. 


Update: 2:00pm on 11/30

Boston Police are now allowing cars coming from the south on Washington Street to drive as far as the entrance to 800 Washington, where they must make a U-turn and head back southward. This allows easier access for patients and visitors trying to reach valet parking and our buildings.

Washington and Kneeland streets continue to be closed, as the Boston Fire Department handles the aftermath of this morning’s water main break at Washington and Beach streets. Water flowed into the underground electrical systems and some smoke seeped into the basements of two of our buildings on Kneeland Street. Boston Fire worked closely with our Public Safety and Facilities staff to quickly clear them of the smoke; no people were evacuated. Some businesses on the north side of Kneeland and Stuart streets were evacuated or closed; we offered shelter for guests from the HI Boston Hostel until they could return.

Please be prepared and patient as the streets may remain closed through this afternoon’s commute and traffic in the area remains congested.

The Orange Line continues on its usual schedule. The Silver Line is running but is not stopping on Washington Street. Please check for the latest commuting information.

We will continue to update you with any changes. 


Update: 10:00am on 11/30

The water main break has been isolated on Washington Street and crews are working to fix it. The water caused a secondary issue with an electrical transformer on Kneeland/Stuart streets and Boston Fire Department is on the scene. Washington, Kneeland and Stuart streets will remain closed in our area until further notice, including no traffic flowing in front of 800 Washington Street.

With multiple detours, traffic is greatly affected and patients are being delayed in reaching their appointments. Tremont Street Garage is open and operating, reachable by Tremont Street only. Valet service is operating and some patients are reaching it, although Washington Street is closed at Oak Street. We are posting updates on Twitter, Facebook and our websites.

The Orange Line is operating and stopping at Tufts Medical Center’s stop. The Silver Line is running, with drop offs reported near the schools and on Charles Street.

Boston Police are helping to route ambulances and deliveries through side streets. The main break and transformer issue are not directly affecting hospital operations. We will update you as soon as we learn when the streets will reopen. 


Update: 9:00am on 11/30

The water main break at Washington and Kneeland/Stuart streets is still blocked off to traffic, although the flooded water is receding. Care team members and patients are again accessing the front entrances of Tupper, 75 Kneeland and 35 Kneeland buildings.

While Washington Street in front of the hospital remains closed to traffic, the Tremont Street garage is open and accessible from Tremont Street. Traffic in the area is backed up due to police detouring traffic around the area of the water main break. 

The Orange Line is still running and stopping at the Tufts Medical Center stop. The Silver Line and other buses are also running, but they are not stopping in front of 800 Washington Street. The Green Line is running on a normal schedule.

Thus far, there is no effect on our water or steam supplies and we are operating as usual. A minor amount of water flowed into the basements of some of our buildings and our crews are pumping it out. We are monitoring the situation constantly and will update you later this morning. We have provisions to distribute bottled drinking water, should it become necessary. 

For Staff: The Herald and Traveler shuttles are dropping off and picking up at Oak Street, because Washington Street is still closed to traffic.


7:00am on 11/30

The City of Boston has experienced a major water main break at Washington Street and Stuart and Kneeland Streets. There is significant flooding and the City has not been able to find the location of the break to stop the flow of water yet. Washington, Stuart and Kneeland are closed to vehicular traffic at this time. 

Patients can still park in the Tremont Street garage if they approach from the west or north side of Tremont. At this time the main entrance of the hospital, South Building and ED entrances remain open. You can also enter through Tufts Medical Center entrances.

We do not yet know how this is impacting Silver Line bus routes or the Orange Line. We are also determining where the Herald and Travel vans will pick up and drop off.

Please plan some extra time to maneuver in the area as traffic is likely to be backed up.

There are reporters on site so watch your tv or listen to your radio for additional updates.

We will update you when we know more. The situation is changing rapidly.

For Staff: If you work at 35 Kneeland or 75 Tupper, you may not be able to enter those buildings from their front entrances.