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Transparency: Star ratings on physician profiles

The star rating program is administered by the highly reputable, national survey company, Press Ganey. Press Ganey uses validated patient survey data to create an aggregated rating from one to five stars.

Why is Tufts Medical Center participating in the Press Ganey transparency/star rating program?

An example of star ratings on a physician profileWe believe that this type of transparency is not only a great way to bring attention to the excellent care provided here, but also supports an environment of continuous improvement. More importantly, research indicates that the vast majority of patients value transparency and rely heavily on online reviews of doctors. Press Ganey surveys provide a more scientific approach than other review platforms, and offer a truer representation of what our patients are saying about our doctors and the care received.

Why doesn't my physician have a star rating and others do?

All physicians with 30 or more surveys in the past year will see a star rating and comments on their physician profile on the Tufts MC website. 30 survey responses is the standard set by Press Ganey as a minimum representative sample. New ratings may appear monthly as more physicians collect 30 or more surveys. The number of providers in the program will only continue to grow.

How will patients know this information is reputable? 

Patients receive a letter from Press Ganey with the survey that states that their comments may be shared.

What if the patient feedback is inappropriate or contains information protected under HIPAA?

All comments are filtered and reviewed. Any comment that contains protected health information or risks patient dignity is filtered out, as are comments that contain profane, derogatory, discriminatory, racist other inappropriate language. Comments about personal appearance, the facility or about staff members other than the reviewed physician are also removed. 

NOTE: There may be edits for grammar. Additionally, some light editing may occur, for example, to remove PHI if the rest of the comment is valid.