Social Media Policy

Tufts Medical Center & Tufts Medical Center Facebook Commenting Policy

Tufts Medical Center’s Department of Public Affairs and Communications oversees and moderates the Tufts MC and Tufts Medical Center Facebook pages and reserves the right to remove comments and block posters who do not comply with our Facebook Commenting Policy, as outlined below.

Posts that meet the following criteria (and/or are deemed inappropriate by the Public Affairs staff) will be deleted and the poster will be banned from future commenting:

  • Spamming, trolling or promoting a third party person, organization or event 
  • Personal attacks, threats, harassment and abusive statements
  • Profanity or obscenity
  • “Hate speech,” including racist or sexist comments
  • Libelous, slanderous or defamatory statements that unfairly harm the reputation of a person or organization
  • Sharing a patient’s private medical information without their knowledge, consent or approval, in violation of HIPAA regulations
  • “Hijacking” an existing post by making comments unrelated to the initial subject matter
  • Falsehoods, inaccurate information or myths that have been scientifically delegitimized

Personal Information:

Please do not include any personal information - including your address, phone number and hospital room number - in your posts.


All opinions expressed on Tufts Medical Center Facebook pages are those of the posters alone. We reserve the right to use material posted on our Facebook pages in one of our other social media platforms. Information posted on our Facebook pages is not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be interpreted as such. If you have any health-related questions, please consult with your doctor or another licensed health care professional.