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Infectious Disease Fellowship Testimonial


Dr. Magiorakos is an alumni of the Infectious Disease Fellowship Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA."I was very glad to have matched at Tufts Medical Center for my infectious disease fellowship.  Tufts Medical Center's ID Division offered a rigorous training program with high-quality faculty, as did other Boston hospitals where fellows in the program do rotations. I had the opportunity to work with exceptional infectious disease physicians, some of whom are true legends in the ID world and all others I consider to be some of the best diagnosticians I have met. 

Tufts offered a fast-paced training program, a very busy general ID service and the great opportunity to be at a program that had a transplant ID program and great faculty from whom to learn. Two other very important features of Tufts Medical Center were the antibiotic management team, an antibiotic stewardship program, run in a very strict fashion with huge input also from very knowledgeable ID pharmacists and the implementation of infection control practices with a dedicated infection control committee and staff.

Through my work at the other Tufts-affiliated hospitals, I had the opportunity to experience other infectious diseases that one may not necessarily see at a tertiary care centre. For example, at the Lemuel-Shattuck hospital I had the opportunity to participate in the treatment of HIV-HCV co-infected patients, patients on the HIV ward, and patients on the tuberculosis ward. 

After my ID fellowship, I practiced clinical ID, and was in charge of infection control and antibiotic stewardship. In my current position at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, I work on the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and prudent use of antibiotics (including antibiotic stewardship) at the supranational level.  My fellowship at Tufts prepared me well for what I do."

Anna-Pelagia Magiorakos, MD, FIDSA
Senior Expert, Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Stockholm, Sweden