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Internal Medicine Residency Testimonial


"As I complete my fellowship training, I look back and could not be happier in my decision to do my residency at Tufts.  The first thing that I tell everyone about my residency is how close-knit our residency is; as it is a relatively small program without any preliminary interns, you are with the same group of people for 3 years and you get to know them very well. Additionally- we get to know each others strengths and weaknesses and are able to help and teach each other.  I always knew that if I really needed help that I had co-residents that I knew would not only help me, but help make me a better doctor.  The second aspect of my residency that strikes me as I complete my fellowship is how "resident-run" the program at Tufts is. You really are the leader of your team- you are responsible for patient care, intern and medical student teaching and making sure rounds run smoothly.  You have attendings and fellows for support but as the resident you really are in charge of the daily decisions.  

As someone who knew I was going to subspecialize when I entered residency, the subspecialty teams really fit with the way I learn and think about medicine.  You are able to more or less focus on an organ system and disease processes and learn from the experts in that field.  By the end of each subspeciality rotation, not only do you have a better understanding of that field as a resident, but you have the opportunity to understand what it would mean to subspecialize in that field.  By working directly with the subspeciality attendings, you also have the opportunity to get involved with their research projects.  

Tufts was a hands-on internal medicine residency program, and I think this is something that is really appreciated as you move forward in your medical career.  I feel that a lot of my success as a fellow and in my future career will be due to the skills- both clinical and otherwise that I learned during my residency." 

Roxanne Wadia, MD
Hematology/Oncology Fellow
Yale-New Haven Hospital