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Internal Medicine Residency Testimonial


"It wasn’t until entering my fellowship in Infectious Diseases that I fully realized the overwhelming benefits and advantages of having been trained at Tufts. I feel that the bedside teaching and hands-on patient care at Tufts far exceeds what I have seen and heard from house staff at other institutions. The acuity and high complexity of patients I cared for while at Tufts definitely more than adequately prepared me for the patients I have seen during fellowship. Additionally, the “Residents As Teacher” curriculum provided me with the tools and skills necessary to teach house staff as a fellow. This curriculum gave me the poise and composure to teach house staff, for which I was selected for a teaching award as a fellow.

Another benefit of being at Tufts is staying at one hospital for the majority of residency. I personally loved the relationships I was able to develop with my colleagues and the nurses. This bond was like a family and we were able to support each other throughout residency, something that I have not seen at other institutions. Not only does Tufts prepare you for a career in medicine, but they also were tremendously supportive and instrumental in me securing my top choice for fellowship. They were very supportive to all their residents in finding a position, whether it was with Tufts itself or across the country. I have never heard others tell me that they had that kind of support from their training program. I still call Tufts my East Coast Home because of the amazing people and training I received.  Having trained as a fellow now on the west coast and encountering people from residency programs across the country, I can without doubt say that I would not trade my experience at Tufts for anywhere else. Who I am now as a physician is a reflection of the people at Tufts and their dedication to teaching and being great clinicians and clinical scientists."

Seema Mehta, MD
Infectious Disease Fellow