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Cheryl Costeira's story

A weight and wellness center patient at Tufts Medical Center.After struggling with my weight for my entire life I decided to have an Adjustable Gastric Band placed in 2005.  Initially I did well with the lapband, but never achieved the weight loss results I was hoping for.  I had a lot of problems with foods getting "stuck" and found myself vomiting a few times a week.  Eventually my lapband prolapsed and the fluid was removed.  I started gaining weight and within a year I had gained back all the weight I had lost with the band.


I was absolutely miserable with my weight gain and appearance and started to become very introverted, at times not even wanting to leave the house to go to the store.  My feet, knees and back constantly ached.  I started to consider gastric bypass and made an appointment to see Dr. Julie Kim.  Dr. Kim answered all of my questions and went over my options.  I told her I was going to think about what I was going to do and get back to her with my decision.  


I waited another year and finally decided to have the lapband removed and convert to Gastric Bypass.  I had recently turned 50 and knew that it was only a matter of time before I developed the co-morbidities associated with obesity including diabetes, heart problems, joint issues, etc.    My surgery was March 12, 2013 and I was probably one of  Dr. Kim's most nervous patients.  A special friend who previously converted from lapband to bypass stayed with me until I was wheeled into the operating room.  My surgery was uneventful and I was discharged two days later.


In the year since my surgery my life has completely changed for the better!   

My feet, knees and back no longer ache and I can walk three miles without being out of breath.  My husband and I bought kayaks and spent every weekend this past Summer exploring different rivers and ponds.  I can ride a bike again and I no longer feel embarrassed to be seen out in public.  I eat healthy, take all of my vitamins on a daily basis, attend group support meetings and follow the rules of a successful bariatric patient.


I recently started by own business called AHA Lunch Express which stands for A Healthy Alternative to fast food.  I offer a weekly menu featuring healthy lunches (all under 500 calories and bariatric friendly) and deliver them fresh daily to local businesses.   


Thank you Dr. Kim and the entire Bariatric Team at the Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts for helping me achieve my goals and for my future health and happiness!


Cheryl Costeira