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The heart at Tufts MC


In just a few weeks, Markeith Leary turns the big 4-0. On his birthday, the Boston-area chef has much to celebrate.

“Tufts Medical Center has always been my hospital,” says Markeith. “They were there when I needed them.”

Markeith received a new heart at Tufts MC 14 years ago.

In 2006, Markeith began experiencing a number of health issues and after multiple visits to specialists at the CardioVascular Center at Tufts MC, his doctors discovered the culprit: an enlarged heart. To live, he would need a heart transplant - a harrowing journey for a 26-year-old.

Markeith credits Dr. David DeNofrio and the transplant team nurses for helping him through the difficult phase waiting for a donor heart. “I went on the list in January 2008 and the transplant happened in June of the same year.”

Markeith and his son“The people at Tufts Medical Center explained my medical situation carefully to me and my family,” explains Markeith. “The whole team helped me through it all. When I was feeling down or just needed to chat, they were there for me.”

Not only did the transplant give Markeith the gift of life, it also gave him a family. He was able to marry his high school sweetheart and today, he is the father of a one year old son.

“Because of my care team, I have my wife, son, and a chance to continue living,” he says.

Markeith is looking forward to watching his son grow and traveling the world with his family.