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Adel M. Malek, MD, PhD Accepting New Patients Virtual Appointments Available

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Programs + Specialties
Training + Education Harvard Medical School - MIT, NIH Medical Scientist Training Program; Brigham and Women's Hospital; University of California at San Francisco
Board Certifications Neurosurgery
NPI # 1598872962
Gender Male
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Tufts Medical Center
800 Washington St.
Box 178
Boston, MA 02111
Phone #: 617-636-8200
Fax #: 617-636-7587

2012, "Top Doctor," U.S. News & World Report
2011, Selected to "Boston Super Doctors”
Academic All-American Award (MIT)
Whitaker Foundation Research Grant for Ph.D. Thesis
N.I.H. Medical Scientist Training Program Awards for combined MD-PhD studies
Johnson & Johnson Research Award, Harvard/MIT Program
Samuel Lemberg Fellowship in Health Sciences and Technology

1. Baharoglu M.I., Lauric A., Safain M.G., Hippelheuser J., Wu C., Malek A.M. Widening and High Inclination of the Middle Cerebral Artery Bifurcation Are Associated With Presence of Aneurysms. Stroke 2014. 45:2649-2655. doi:10.1161/STROKEAHA.114.005393

2. Kadasi L., Dent W., Malek A.M. Thin-Walled Dome Regions Co-Localize with Low Hemodynamic Wall Shear Stress in Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms. J. Neurosurg. 2013. Doi: 10.3171/2013.2.JNS12968

3. Baharoglu M.I., Lauric A., Gao B., Malek A.M. Identification Of A Dichotomy In Morphological Predictors Of Rupture Status Between Sidewall- And Bifurcation-Type Intracranial Aneurysms. J. Neurosurg. 2012. 116: 871-81.

4. Gao B., Baharoglu M.I., Cohen A.D., Malek A.M. Stent-Assisted Coiling Of Intracranial Bifurcation Aneurysms Leads to Immediate and Delayed Intracranial Vascular Angle Remodeling. AJNR Am. J. Neuroradiol. 2012. Doi: 10.3174/ ajnr.A2841.

5. Lauric A., Miller E.L.,, Baharoglu M.I., Malek A.M. Rupture Status Discrimination in Intracranial Aneurysms using the Centroid-Radii Model. IEEE Biomed. Trans. 2011. Doi: 0.1109/TBME.2011.2162410.

6. Heller R., Miele W., Do-Dai, D., Malek A.M. Crescent Sign on Magnetic Resonance Angiography Reveals Incomplete Stent Apposition and Correlates with Diffusion-Weighted Changes in Aneurysm Stent-Coiling. J. Neurosurg. 2011. Doi: 10.3171/2011.4.JNS102050.

7. Baharoglu M.I., Schirmer C.M., Hoit D.A., Gao B.L, Malek A.M. Aneurysm Inflow-Angle As A Discriminant For Rupture In Sidewall Cerebral Aneurysms: Morphometric and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis. Stroke. 2010. 41:1423-30.

8. Copeland A.D., Mangoubi R.S., Desai M.N, Mitter S.K., Malek A.M. Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for 3D+T Image reconstruction in cerebral angiography. Trans. Med. Imag. IEEE. 2010. 29: 1238-51.

9. Lauric A., Miller A., Frisken S., Malek A.M. Automated Detection of Intracranial Aneurysms Based on Parent Vessel 3D Analysis. Med. Imag. Anal. 2010. 14: 149-59.

10. Malek A.M., Alper S.L., Izumo S. Hemodynamic shear stress and its role in atherosclerosis. JAMA. 1999. 282: 2035-42.

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Neurosurgeon Adel Malek, MD, PhD, heads the Cerebrovascular and Endovascular Division in the Department of Neurosurgery. Dr. Malek completed neurosurgical training at Brigham and Women’s/Children’s Hospital Boston and neurointerventional radiology fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Malek’s clinical expertise includes the multi-modal and minimally invasive treatment of brain arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) and dural arteriovenous fistulas (DAVFs). His research interest lies in the cellular biology and mechanotransduction involved in the development of brain aneurysms and AVMs.

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