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Bridget Perry, PhD

Training + Education MGH Institute of Health Professions
Gender Female
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2017 David Krebs Doctoral Research Scholarship, MGH Institute of Health Professions
2015 Plural Publishing Research Award

1. Perry, B. J., Martino, R., Yunusova, Y., Plowman, E. K., & Green, J. R. (2018). Lingual and Jaw Kinematic Abnormalities Precede Speech and Swallowing Impairments in ALS. Dysphagia, 1-8.

2. Rong, P., Yunusova, Y., Wang, J., Zinman, L., Pattee, G. L., Berry, J. D., Perry, B., & Green, J. R. (2016). Predicting speech intelligibility decline in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis based on the deterioration of individual speech subsystems. PloS one, 11(5), e0154971.

3. Perry, B. J., Richburg, B. D., Pomahac, B., Bueno, E. M., & Green, J. R. (2017). The effects of lip-closure exercise on lip strength and function following full facial transplantation: a case report. American journal of speech-language pathology, 26(2S), 682-686.

4. Aycart, M. A., Perry, B., Alhefzi, M., Bueno, E. M., Kueckelhaus, M., Fischer, S., & Pomahac, B. (2016). Surgical optimization of motor recovery in face transplantation. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, 27(2), 286-292.

5. Perry, B. J., Pomahoc, B., Bueno, E., Su, P., Richburg, B. D., & Green, J. R. (2015). Characteristics of speech following facial transplantation. The Scottish Consortium for ICPhS.

Dr. Bridget Perry received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame in 2003, her master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from Rush University in 2009 and her Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2018. She began working as a speech-language pathologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2009, after completing her clinical fellowship at the Boston VA Healthcare System. She is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at Tuft’s Medical Center in the Department of Clinical and Translational Sciences where she is conducting research and pursing a master’s degree in clinical and translation Sciences. Her research interests include the evaluation and treatment of neurologically-based speech and swallowing impairments and evidence-based, patient-centered decision-making surrounding feeding management in persons with dysphagia.

2017-Present Certified Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile Clinician
2016-Present Dysphagia Research Society Member (DRS)
2010-Present Certificate in Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology
2010-Present Massachusetts License for Speech-Language Pathology
2010-Present American Speech-Language and Hearing Association Member (ASHA)