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Jennifer S Lutz, MA

Training + Education Boston University; Boston College
Gender Female
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Reporting to the Director of the Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness (PACE) Center, Jennifer Lutz, MA supports PACE operations in key project and administrative functions to ensure smooth operations and continued program growth. She coordinates a wide-range of research program functions within PACE. Working with the director and with research faculty and staff, she is responsible for the coordination and oversight of work timelines, is the point of contact with funding agencies and collaborators, and provides support to members of collaborating industry partners. Ms. Lutz is involved in many of Dr. Kent’s current research projects including a PCORI Dissemination and Implementation Award aimed to develop and implement a diabetes decision aid, a PCORI Methods Project which aims to conduct a large-scale validation of cardiovascular clinical prediction models, a PCORI Engagement Award which supports patient-centered Webinars and a methods-focused conference to better explore the concepts of heterogeneity of treatment, and a NIH-funded project which aims to develop a natural language processing algorithm to accurately identify cases of silent brain infarction and estimate the comparative effectiveness of medications on the risk of future stroke and dementia.

Prior to joining Tufts Medical Center in 2008, Ms. Lutz worked as a secondary science educator at Braintree High School from 2006 to 2008 where she taught Anatomy & Physiology and Physical Science and was a research laboratory technician at Massachusetts General Hospital from 2004 to 2005. She earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching at Boston University in 2006, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Boston College in 2004.

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