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Junya Awata, PhD

Gender Male
Language(s) Japanese
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Awata, J., Song, K., Lin, J., King, S.M., Sanderson, M.J., Nicastro, D., and Witman, G.B. (2015) DRC3 connects the N-DRC to dynein g to regulate flagellar waveform. Mol. Biol. Cell 26, 2788-2800

Song, K., Awata, J., Tritschler, D., Bower, R., Witman, G.B., Porter, M.E., and Nicastro, D. (2015) In situ localization of N- and C-termini of subunits of the flagellar nexin-dynein regulatory complex (N-DRC) using SNAP-tag and cryo-electron tomography. J. Biol. Chem. 290, 5341-5353.

Awata, J., Takada, S., Standley, C., Lechtreck, K.F., Bellvé, K.D., Pazour, G.J., Fogarty, K.E., and Witman, G.B. (2014) NPHP4 controls ciliary trafficking of membrane and large soluble proteins at the transition zone. J. Cell Sci. 127, 4714-4727.

Yang, Y., Cochran, D.A., Gargano, M.D., King, I., Samhat, N.K., Burger, B.P., Sabourin, K.R., Hou, Y., Awata, J., Parry, D.A., Marshall, W.F., Witman, G.B., and Lu, X. (2011) Regulation of flagellar motility by the conserved flagellar protein CG34110/Ccdc135/FAP50. Mol. Biol. Cell 22, 976-987.

Lechtreck, K.-F., Luro, S., Awata, J., and Witman, G.B. (2009) HA-tagging of putative flagellar proteins in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii identifies a novel protein of intraflagellar transport complex B. Cell Motil. Cytoskeleton 66, 469-482.

Watanabe, S., Watanabe, T.M., Sato, O., Awata, J., Homma, K., Umeki, N., Higuchi, H., Ikebe, R., and Ikebe, M. (2008) Human myosin Vc is a low duty ration nonprocessive motor. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 10581-10592.

Ito, K., Kashiyama, T., Shimada, K., Yamaguchi, A., Awata, J., Hachikubo, Y., Manstein, D. J., and Yamamoto, K. (2003) Recombinant motor domain constructs of Chara corallina myosin display fast motility and high ATPase activity. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 312, 958-964.

Seki, M., Awata, J., Shimada, K., Kashiyama, T., Ito, K., and Yamamoto, K. (2003) Susceptibility of Chara myosin to SH reagents. Plant Cell Physiol. 44, 201-205. Awata, J., Kashiyama, T., Ito, K., and Yamamoto, K. (2003) Some motile properties of fast characean myosin. J. Mol. Biol. 326, 659-663.

Awata, J., Saitoh, K., Shimada, K., Kashiyama, T., and Yamamoto, K. (2001) Effects of Ca2+ and calmodulin on the motile activity of characean myosin in vitro. Plant Cell Physiol. 42, 828-834.

Dr. Awata published new insights about the fastest myosin in green algae, Chara, and received a PhD in biochemistry from Chiba University in Japan. Junya deepened his expertise in myosin biochemistry during his post-doctoral training at University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. Junya also expanded his research field to cell biology of cilia/flagella at UMass and elucidated molecular mechanism of disease development caused by ciliary dysfunction. He joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael Chin in October 2017 to develop an enzyme replacement therapy for BARTH syndrome.

Development of an enzyme replacement therapy for BARTH syndrome