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Tara A Lavelle, PhD

Training + Education Harvard Medical School; Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Comparative Effectiveness and Child Health, Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit, Division of General Pediatric, University of Michigan Medical School (2012-2013)
Gender Female
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Tara Lavelle is an Assistant Professor at the Tufts Medical Center Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies and an Investigator at the Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health. Her research addresses a range of topics related to the cost and value of health care services delivered in the United States. Dr. Lavelle is particularly interested in advancing the use of comparative and cost-effectiveness research in vulnerable populations, including children. Previous work includes the development of novel methods for evaluating health and economic outcomes of childhood illness, and assessing preference-based quality of life outcomes in caregivers.

Dr. Lavelle earned her PhD in Health Policy with a concentration in Decision Science from Harvard University in 2012 and was previously a postdoctoral research fellow in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit in the Division of General Pediatrics at the University of Michigan.

Society for Medical Decision Making (2006-present)
Academy Health (2015- present)

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