Referring a Patient to Our Hospital

Helping You Help Your Patients

When you refer one of your patients to Tufts Medical Center or Tufts Children's Hospital, you are trusting us to partner with you and provide the highest quality care possible for your patient. We never forget that at the heart of every treatment, every research discovery and every visit is a patient and family needing support and care. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

At Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital, we have a dedicated team of Physician Liaisons focused on meeting the needs of referring physicians and your patients.

If you need to refer a patient to a specialist at Tufts Medical Center or Tufts Children's Hospital but are not sure of the specific physician, please contact our physician access line, 617-636-7255.  If you would like to review our specialists and their backgrounds, areas of interest, etc., please visit our physician finder.