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Physician Comings and Goings

Last updated: October 2018

Tufts MC and Floating Hospital welcomes

Robin Koshy, MD Endocrinology- October 2018
Roberto Via Colindres, MD Infectious Disease- October 2018
Srinivas Bodapati, MD, MPH Primary Care-Woburn- September 2018
Liam Jette, MD Primary Care- Quincy- September 2018
Mohak Mhatre, MD MFM-September 2018
Matt Gordon, MD Orthopedics- September 2018
Rachael Bernstein, MD Palliative Care- September 2018
Harrison Farber, MD Medicine- September 2018
Alexander Rapin, MD Medicine- September 2018
Allison Vogell, MD OB/GYN-September 2018
Raffi Karagozian, MD Hepatology- September 2018
Marie Roguski, MD Neurosurgery - August 2018
Dustin Patil, MD Psychiatry - August 2018
Mary Hopkins, MD Infectious Disease- August 2018
Kristen Babinski, MD Neurology - August 2018
Joyce Hoot, MD Dermatology - August 2018
Nikola Natov, MD Gastroenterology -  2018
Taimur Dad, MD Nephrology- July 2018
Craig Gordon, MD Nephrology- July 2018
Peter Ostrow, MD Pulmonology - July 2018
Andrew Strand, MD Infectious Diseases - July 2018
Gene Weinstein, MD Neuroradiology - July 2018
Manasa Mouli, MD Primary Care - July 2018
Sarwat Salim, MD Opthalmology - June 2018
Justin Pospo, MD Emergency Department - June 2018
Jeffery Forman, MD Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - June 2018

Tufts MC and Floating Hospital departures

Rajandeep Paik, MD Rheumatology - October 2018
N.A. Mark Estes, MD Cardiology- September 2018
Feng Wang, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- August 2018
Hande Tuncer, MD Hematology/Oncology- August 2018
Sarah Reich, MD Pediatrics- August 2018
Adbulaziz Madani, MD Dermatology- July 2018
Rashed Durgham, MD Pediatrics- July 2018
Jyoti Ramakrishna, MD Pediatric Gastroenterology- July 2018
Alisa Niksch, MD Pediatric Cardiology- July 2018
Sunita Pereira, MD Neonatology- July 2018
Jacqueline Chambers, MD Pediatrics - July 2018
Johana Seddon, MD Ophthalmology- June 2018
Peter Murray, MD Pediatrics- June 2018
Amy Molten, MD Pediatrics - June 2018
Michael LaFranchi, MD Neuroradiology - June 2018
George Graham, MD OBGYN - June 2018
Kathleen Viveiros, MD, Hepatology - May 2018
Muna Ahmad, MD Opthalmology - May 2018
Audrey Marshall, MD Pediatric Cardiology - May 2018
Karen Fauman, MD Pediatric Critical Care - May 2018
Brian Bond, MD