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Center for Clinical Evidence Synthesis

The Center for Clinical Evidence Synthesis (CCES), directed by Nanguneri Nirmala, PhD, promotes both the application of evidence based methods to healthcare topics and the development of methodologies in evidence synthesis. Situated in an environment with diversity and depth of clinical and methodological collaborators, CCES members have become internationally recognized leaders in meta-analysis and evidence-based practice. CCES was an AHRQ designated Evidence-based Practice Center for 15 years and continues to collaborate nationwide on AHRQ EPC projects.

The CCES includes experts in the fields of meta-analysis, clinical data synthesis, decision and cost-effectiveness analysis, clinical guideline creation and evaluation, and health services' effectiveness and outcomes research. Researchers have conducted dozens of systematic reviews and meta-analyses and authored numerous methodological studies that strengthen the foundation of evidence-based medicine. CCES researchers conduct technology assessments and evidence reports, provide technical assistance to organizations seeking to use evidence reports, conduct cost-effectiveness studies, design special dissemination strategies for EPC products and evaluate the use and impact of evidence reports and technology assessments. In addition, CCES members have done consulting and conducted evidence reviews under contracts from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit foundations, and other organizations.

Nanguneri Nirmala, PhD

Shruti Sherktude
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