Center for Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR)

CEVR is a leader on issues pertaining to value, cost-effectiveness, and risk tradeoffs in health care decisions. We inform national clinical and public health policy issues through our analysis of the benefits, risks and costs of strategies to improve health and health care.

We undertake scientific research projects, advance methods development for the field, train the next generation of practitioners and users, and work with policymakers worldwide to develop reasoned policy solutions.

Our mission

To inform the national debate on clinical and public health policy issues and to directly influence the prioritization of healthcare resources both domestically and globally.


Founded in 2006 by health economists Peter Neumann, Sc.D., and Joshua Cohen, Ph.D., CEVR brings extensive experience in economics, decision sciences and data analytics to the analysis of health care interventions and technologies.

Cutting-edge research

We produce innovative research while training the next generation of health policy researchers and analysts. Our work includes formal cost-effectiveness analysis and related techniques, policy research and analysis pertaining to resource allocation.

Unique databases

Our research has enabled us to develop three unique databases to help measure and communicate the clinical and economic value of health care strategies. These databases are indispensable resources for health care stakeholders.

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry
  • Global Health Cost Effectiveness Analysis (GH CEA) Registry
  • Specialty Drug Evidence and Coverage (SPEC) Database