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Center for Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR)


The Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health (CEVR) is a member of the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center, Boston. The mission of CEVR is to analyze the benefits, risks, and costs of strategies to improve health and health care and to communicate the findings to clinicians and policymakers. We undertake scientific research projects, advance methods development for the field, train the next generation of practitioners and users, and work with policymakers worldwide to develop reasoned policy solutions.

About the CEVR

CEVR researchers bring experience in economics and decision analysis to a host of clinical and public health policy issues. The work encompasses formal cost-effectiveness analysis and related techniques, as well as policy research and analysis pertaining to resource allocation. Our work has enabled us to develop unique databases to help measure and communicate the clinical and economic value of health care strategies.

The CEVR was established in December 2005 by Peter Neumann, ScD (Director) and Joshua Cohen, PhD (Deputy Director) to focus on issues pertaining to value, cost-effectiveness, and risk tradeoffs in healthcare decisions.

Peter J. Neumann, ScD
Director and Professor of Medicine

Joshua T. Cohen, PhD
Deputy Director

James D. Chambers, PhD, MPharm, MSc  
Project Director and Assistant Professor of Medicine

Jordan Anderson, BA
Research Assistant

Brittany D'Cruz, BA
Research Assistant

Caroline Fonseca, BA, MSc
Administrative Assistant

Dan Greenberg
Affiliated Member 

David D. Kim, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Julie Lannon, MS
Project Coordinator

Tara Lavelle, PhD
Assistant Professor

Ashley A. Leech, PhD, MS 
Research Fellow

Pei-Jung Lin, PhD
Associate Professor

Natalia Olchanski, MS, SB
Project Director

Elle Pope, BA, MPH
Research Assistant

Eileen Sandberg, PhD
Senior Research Associate

Teja Thorat, M.Sc., MPH
Research Associate

Colby Wilkinson
Research Assistant

Please contact us at:

The Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health
The Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies
Tufts Medical Center
800 Washington Street #063
Boston, MA 02111

Physical Address
35 Kneeland St., Boston, MA 02111