Sponsor CEVR Research

By becoming a CEVR sponsor, you are supporting our work in health care cost-effectiveness, as well as gaining privileged access to valuable data.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors can download the entire, internationally-known Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry and National Coverage Determination (NCD) Database. In 2018 we’ll launch our third database, the Specialty Drug Evidence and Coverage (SPEC) Database. A first of its kind, SPEC provides unique insights into commercial payer coverage of specialty drugs and into the evidence base that payers report reviewing when formulating their decisions. None of these resources are publicly available.

Our data can help your organization:

  • Compare evidence of value for interventions in a disease or treatment area;
  • Understand the latest methods used to measure value; and
  • Understand the rationale and the most influential factors for Medicare coverage decisions

Sponsorship Opportunities

Gold sponsors receive:

  • Complete access to our databases 
  • CEA Registry and the NCD Database - Sponsors can analyze the databases offline using their statistical software of choice. Sponsors also have access to an annual training webinar to support database best practices.
  • Receipt of the annual Tufts Medical Center Specialty Drug Coverage Trend Report, which provides a detailed analysis of specialty drug coverage decisions issued by commercial health plans, as well as an assessment of the factors that may influence future decisions.
  • Attendance at annual CEVR Symposium - CEVR’s Annual Methods, Policy, and Data symposium brings together top researchers, sponsors, and clinical leaders. This is an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in CEVR’s leading-edge research and to learn more about CEVR’s databases and forward-looking policy initiatives. Sponsorship includes an invitation for one guest. 
  • Priority access to CEVR researchers - As a CEVR sponsor, you receive priority access to work with us. Our researchers can conduct customized, fee-based analyses for your specific research needs. 
  • Annual Investment: $15,000

Platinum sponsors receive:

  • All of the Gold benefits above.
  • Benchmark reports for up to five drugs, e.g., Humira for rheumatoid arthritis from the SPEC database and preferred access to customized SPEC analyses.
  • Attendance at annual CEVR Symposium for up to six employees from your organization.
  • Annual investment: $50,000

Value Framework Training Workshop

  • Recent initiatives by several non-profit organizations and professional societies aim to systematically assess the value of medical therapies. The resulting frameworks have garnered attention in the media and in policy discussions.
  • CEVR offers an interactive, customizable, “deep dive” half-day workshop to help participants understand the frameworks most pertinent to your organization. The workshop starts with a concise overview of “value” in the U.S. context. The bulk of the workshop focuses on the ICER framework, as it is the most influential in the U.S. Through lecture, case studies, and interactive exercises, participants gain a firm grasp of how ICER’s approach works “under the hood”, its conceptual limitations, and how the actual ICER panels use the framework in practice.
  • For organizations with oncology interests, CEVR also offers instruction on the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2.0 framework or on the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center “Drug Abacus” framework. As with the ICER presentation, these sessions include lecture, case studies, and participant exercises.
  • Investment: $25,000