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Areas of Research

The principal program areas of research encompassed by the Center for Health Solutions' work are:

  • The Program on Health, Work and Productivity
  • Center on Child and Family Outcomes
  • Program for Assessing and Implementing Medical and Mental Health Services in Pediatrics (AIMS)

The Program on Health, Work and Productivity focuses on the rising tide of chronic health problems in the working-age population. From the employee's perspective, chronic health problems (such as arthritis, for example) frequently interfere with the ability to participate fully in the labor market. And for employers, chronic health problems translate into diminished productivity and increased employee turnover - concerns that ultimately affect the bottom line.

This program conducts interdisciplinary research on both the impact of chronic conditions as well as on intervention strategies. The program's Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ) is used worldwide by employers, pharmaceutical firms, researchers and insurers to assess the impact of health and treatment on work productivity.

The Program is collaborating with both individual employers and employer coalitions to improve data on employee health and to develop strategies for employee health improvement and productivity-loss prevention. Studies such as the NIH-sponsored Depression in the Workplace project are examining the employment experience of working individuals with depression and identifying work conditions that influence outcome.

Key contributors to this program include Dr. Debra Lerner (Director), Dr. David Adler, and Dr. William Rogers.

Email us for more information about the WLQ.

The Center on Child and Family Outcomes (CCFO), within the Institute of Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center, Boston is dedicated to advancing the development and application of knowledge regarding the Quality of Life (QoL) of children and their families experiencing chronic illness, with an emphasis on cancer. Susan K. Parsons, MD, MRP is the Center Director.

The Center's interdisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, mental health professionals, nurses, and health communications researchers' primary research focus is:

  • Assessment of quality of life, functional impact, and fiscal impact of chronic illness
  • Instrument and methodological design and interpretation
  • Design and evaluation of quality of life interventions
  • Mentoring health professionals in the field of QoL assessment

Key contributors to this program include Susan Parsons, MD (Director), Ms. Stefanie Jeruss, Dr. Deborah Mayer, Ms. Jennifer Morone, and Ms. Sara Ratichek.