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Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies

Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness (PACE) Center

Medical care is delivered one-patient-at-a-time. But the evidence for practicing is derived by aggregating many patients—typically thousands or tens of thousands of patients--into groups. This group-derived evidence would be highly informative for medical practice if all patients were identical. The dissimilarity of individual patients, however, potentially undermines clinical research as a scientific basis for the practice of medicine.

The Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness (PACE) Center seeks to better understand and address the limitations of using group-derived evidence as the basis for decision making in individual patients. Our approach is based on the close integration of clinical and statistical reasoning. Our goal is to provide clinicians and patients with evidence better tailored to their particular circumstances; we have expertise in clinical medicine, risk modeling, individual patient meta-analysis, and observational comparative effectiveness studies.

To better understand the extent of Clinical Prediction Model (CPM) development and to help researchers and clinicians, we have created the Tufts PACE CPM Registry, a field synopsis of over 1,000 CPMs that predict clinical outcomes for patients with and at risk for cardiovascular disease.

June C. Baglione
Senior Research Administrator

David Kent, MD, CM, MSc
Director and Professor of Medicine

Vaibhav Kumar, MD, MRCP
Research Fellow

Benjamin Koethe, MPH

Lester Y. Leung, MD, MSc
Director, Comprehensive Stroke Center; Director, Stroke and Young Adults (SAYA) Program

Christine Lundquist
Research Assistant

Jennifer Lutz, MA
Program Coordinator

Jason Nelson, MPH

Jessica Paulus, ScD
Epidemiologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine

Robin Ruthazer, MPH
Statistician and Assistant Professor of Medicine

David van Klaveren, PhD, MSc
Research Associate

Jenica Upshaw, MD
Medical Director, Cardio-Oncology Program; Attending Physician, Advanced Heart Failure

Benjamin S. Wessler, MD
Staff Cardiologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine

Tatum Williamson, MS
Research Assistant II