Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition

Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition logo.In the City of Boston, inequities in breast cancer mortality have persisted among Black, non-Hispanic women compared to women of other racial/ethnic groups. The inequity is especially striking given that Black women in Boston receive mammography screening at the same rates as Boston White women and had a lower incidence of breast cancer than other women during this time period. Building on past efforts to address these cancer mortality inequities, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Boston Public Health Commission convened a meeting of a group of stakeholders in early 2014. From this stakeholder group, the Boston Breast Cancer Equity Coalition was formed. The coalition is comprised of a diverse group of multidisciplinary stakeholders. Members include oncology and primary care clinicians, patient navigators, public health policy makers, advocates, researchers and patients. The coalition members have determined that the immediate next steps are additional data collection and analyses (a “deep dive” of the data) to more fully understand causes of these inequities. For mor information, please visit