Media + Presentations

Karen Freund, MD, MPH

  1. American Cancer Society – “What Does the End of Cancer Look Like?
  2. The Week – “Is your doctor a woman? She’s probably being paid less.
  3. Science 2.0 – “Why Do Women Lag in Academic Medicine Leadership Positions?” 


  • 2018.11.17 Massachusetts Chapter, American College of Physicians, Boston, MA - Primary Care Physician versus Hospitalist Panel
  • 2018.09.13 Medical Grand Rounds, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – “Strategies for Building and Advancing the Careers of Women”
  • 2018.09.07 Medical Grand Rounds, Tufts Medical Center – “Growing and Sustaining a Diverse Department of Medicine”
  • 2016.11.16 Boston Chinese Evangelical Church – Community Cancer Talk: “How to Keep Healthy”
  • 2016.12.09 Tufts MC Cancer Center Grand Rounds – “Addressing Cancer Disparities”
  • 2016. 9.30 American Cancer Society – “Patient Navigation to Eliminate Cancer Disparities”
  • 2016.8.3 Academic Partnership webinar – “Solutions to Gender Disparities in Research and Academic Careers in Medicine and Science”
  • 2016.7.10 QuantiaMD webinar – “Patient Navigation”
  • 2017.4.20 SGIM Special Symposium – “Maintaining Resilience and Grit in a General Medicine Research Career”
  • 2017.4.21 SGIM Oral presentation – “Racial Differences in Insurance Stability after Health Insurance Reform”
  • 2017.9.27 AACR Poster presentation – “The Impact of Insurance and Insurance Stability on Cancer Screening Behaviors”

Elena Byhoff, MD, MSc

  1. – “New study explores why cost of dying higher for African Americans and Hispanics
  2. Science Daily – “Two kinds of Medicare, two kinds of patients? Findings may mean a lot for health policy
  3. Consumer Reports – “Can You Rely on Your State’s Medical Board?


  • 2.28.2020 - State Health and Value Strategies [VideoWebinar] – “Patient Perspectives on Social Risk Screening”
  • 10.2019 - The Root Cause Coalition National Summit on the Social Determinants of Health – “Patient acceptability of health care-based social risk screening and screening tool validity.”
  • 09.24.2019 - Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN) [Video webinar] – “Opportunities and Tensions in Community Based Organization-Health Care Collaborations to Address Patients’ Social Needs.”
  • 09.2019 - New England Area Medicaid Research Symposium – “Case Management as a Bridge Between Health Care and Social Services.”
  • 06.20.2019 - Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN) [Video webinar] – “Patient Acceptability of Social Risk Screening”
  • 06.2019 – Academy Health Annual Research Meeting – “Screening for Immigration-Related Health Concerns in a Federally Qualified Health Center: A mixed methods study.”
  • 06.2019 – Academy Health Annual Research Meeting – “Case Management As a Solution to Addressing Health Related Social Needs: Competing Rationales and Unintended Consequences”
  • 05.2019 - Society for General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting – “If you can’t talk to your doctor about it, who can you tell? A qualitative study of patient acceptability and preferences for social risk screening in health settings.”
  • 06.2018 – Academy Health Annual Research Meeting – “You Can’t Scale Unicorns: Exploring Community Based Organizations’ Perspectives on Health Care’s Entry into Social Determinants of Health Programming.”
  • 06.2018 – Academy Health Annual Research Meeting – “Gender Differences in the Prevalence and Probability of Social Determinants of Health Across the Life Course in the United States”
  • 04.2017 SGIM Poster presentation – “Patient Characteristics Associated with Leaving a Usual Source of Care Despite Improved Insurance Coverage After Massachusetts Health Reform”
  • 12.2016 CCHERS presentation – “Michigan to MA: Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Community Health Centers”
  • 12.2016 ICRHPS Grand Rounds – “Michigan to MA: Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Community Health Centers”

Alison Brown, MS, PhD

Tufts Nutrition – “Former FDA Commissioner Kessler Headlines 2017 Commencement"
Tufts Nutrition –“Could community-based “Change Clubs” improve heart health in black women?”
Tufts Nutrition – “Friedman Student Alison Brown Wins the 2014 Tufts University's Presidential Award”

Amy LeClair, PhD, MPhil


  • 2019 – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Webinar – “Improving Readmission Through a Comprehensive Approach to Discharge Planning and Care Transitions”
  • 2017.4.19 SGIM Poster presentation – “Patients’ Perspectives on Reasons for Readmission”
  • 2017.4.19-20 ACTS Poster presentation – “Stakeholder and Community Engagement in Early Stage Translational Science”
  • 2017.4.21 ACTS Poster presentation – “Documenting ADAPT: The growth of a community-research collaborative”

    Jana Leary, MD


    • 12.2018 – Division CME Lecture - “Escaping the Island: Mentorship Challenges and Rules for Success in PHM.”
    • 12.2018 – Tufts Medical Center Pediatric Grand Rounds - “Readmissions for Children with Medical Complexity: What We Predict and What Parents Perceive.”  
    • 11.2018 – Tuft Medical Center Department of Pediatrics Research Seminar Series - “How Can I Change the World?  Formulating and Planning a Research Project.”   
    • 09.2017 – Intern Noon Conference Series – “Introduction to Systems Improvement.”
    • 04.19-2017 ACTS Poster presentation – “Patients’ Perspectives on Reasons for Readmission"