Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI)

Additional Core Facilities

In addition to the Molecular Research Cardiology Institute (MCRI) Mouse Physiology Core Facility and Transgenic Core Facility, our core facilities and services include:

  • The MCRI Cell Culture Core Facility provides harvesting, characterization and maintenance of cultured cell lines to investigators.  Storage, thawing and culture of frozen cell lines is available in the facility.  The facility has created over 150 cell lines from human blood vessels, both primary and immortalized.   Ms. Wendy Baur directs the facility. 
  • The MCRI Histology Core Facility has merged with the Tufts Histology Core managed by the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine.  It contains all equipment necessary for mouse tissue processing, mounting, sectioning and staining.  Experienced histologists perform in situ hybridization studies and immunohistochemistry as requested by investigators.  
  • A Typhoon Model 9410 Variable Mode Imager is located within the MCRI and is capable of performing high resolution, high sensitivity imaging and analysis of samples ranging from radiolabeled proteins on SDS-PAGE gels or nucleic acids on Southern or Northern blots, to immunoblots, tissue sections, macro and microarrays.
  • A Phillips-Sonos 7500 echocardiography System equipped with 12MHz sector array and 10-15MHz linear array transducers dedicated only to research applications to perform high throughput, mouse echocardiography studies, is available..
  • A Quantitative Real Time PCR Machine is located within the MCRI Center for Translational Genomics and is capable of performing quantitative measurement of transcript abundance and genotype. Both TaqMan and SYBR Green assays can be performed on the Eppendorf Mastercycler ep realplex machine.