Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI)

Bio Bank

The Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI) explores the fundamental basis of human diseases through the systematic collection and analysis of tissue from patients treated at Tufts Medical Center. In order to investigate these molecular and cellular mechanisms as they relate to human biology, the MCRI Tissue Bank obtains written consent from patients using a booklet that describes the purpose of tissue collection as well as potential risks and benefits. The tissues are processed by the Pathology Department and then stored and curated by the MCRI. Applications for the use of collected samples from qualified scientists are reviewed by a committee to ensure that the highest standards of scientific and ethical conduct are ensured. The name and identity of patients and participants is never disclosed as part of this research. Studies completed using samples from the MCRI tissue bank have contributed to our knowledge of diverse topics including aortic valve disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.