Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI)

Vascular Function Core

The mission of the Vascular Function Core at the MCRI at Tufts Medical Center is to uncover novel vascular physiology mechanisms that contribute to cardiovascular disease onset and progression in a variety of healthy and disease states. Our approach is purely translational in that our techniques allow for the assessment of vascular function from rodent models all the way up to clinical human studies.

The vascular function core is equipped with a DMT 8-channel wire myograph and a Living Systems pressure myograph system for the assessment of resistance artery function. Additionally, the clinical vascular function laboratory is equipped with a Moor Instruments Laser Doppler Flowmetry system for the assessment of human skin blood flow, an index of microvascular function and a Sphygmocor System for the assessment of vascular stiffness via pulse wave velocity and pulse wave analysis.

The Vascular Function Core is directed by Dr. Jennifer DuPont, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and Investigator in the MCRI. Dr. DuPont has extensive experience in the assessment of vascular function in both rodents and humans.