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A longstanding focus of our laboratory is to understand the cellular and molecular basis of adaptive immune responses and immunological tolerance. We have chosen to use transplantation as a model system because of the wide array of reagents available to study B and T cell immunity and tolerance in vivo, and because of the translational potential of the work. We wish to understand the role of T cell subsets in rejection, and how the response of each subset can be prevented.

We also study the development and regulation of B cells that produce natural antibodies. This work has led to an additional area of focus related to whether pre-existing natural antibody repertoires can be used to augment antigen immunogenicity and improve vaccines. Most recently, the laboratory has become interested in microRNA biology. We are examining the role of microRNAs in T cell activation, as well as how tissue injury responses are regulated by microRNAs in the context of transplantation.


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Professor of Pathology, Tufts University School of Medicine