Mother Infant Research Institute (MIRI)

MIRI's Research Focus

The lifelong consequences of the intimate and unique biological relationship between mother and baby during pregnancy.

Medical research has already established that events that occur at critical stages of human development in the womb influence the later occurrence of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and inflammatory disorders, such as asthma, in both childhood and adulthood.

The in-utero environment has a profound influence on the developing fetus, altering his or her gene expression and therefore affecting lifelong health.  Pregnancy is also a “stress test” for later health problems in the mother, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

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MIRI’s Guiding Principle

Clinical and translational multi-disciplinary research to ensure healthy pregnancies, full-term deliveries, and normal birth weights will positively affect both health and health care costs for millions of people over multiple generations.

MIRI’s Major Objectives

  • To create new knowledge that translates to improved clinical care
  • To train young physicians and scientists in the conduct of research

MIRI Is Unique

  • No other multidisciplinary research institute in the US combines Pediatrics and Obstetrics.
  • MIRI’s research draws on the seamless integration of care for pregnant women, children, & adults at Tufts Medical Center.

Mother Infant Research Institute Clinical Trials

At the Mother Infant Research Institute (MIRI) our physicians, scientists and researchers are devoting their careers to improving the health of pregnant women and their babies. Working with our colleagues at Tufts University, we use “bench to bedside” research aimed at advancing knowledge and making new treatments available in less time.

The MIRI offers both large and targeted trials to patients. Clinical trials in the MIRI usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Investigator-initiate clinical trials – researchers at the MIRI design research studies and apply to major federal institutions like the National Institutes of Health for funding to conduct the study.
  • Multi-center clinical trials – nationwide or international projects that hospitals and other groups around the world can join and enroll patients into.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, our staff will assist you and your family every step of the way. We rigorously follow all federal regulations and requirements for conducting clinical trials. We also recruit patients and work directly with them and their families throughout the process.

Oftentimes, you or a family member may be unsure about deciding if you should enroll in a trial. We help you understand the options and give you all of the information needed to make a well-informed decision about participation.

Once you’ve enrolled in a trial, our research teams are here with you and your family throughout the entire process. We’re always here to answer any questions about the trial and help with coordinating appointments.

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pregnant woman preparing vegetables

The MIRI Produce Rx Program

This innovative study for food-insecure pregnant women provides healthy food, recipes, and nutrition education, with relevant participant feedback, as a pilot for future rollout across Tufts Medicine.

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